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Spark Racing Technology to Develop Season 5’s Formula E Car

Industry Thinking

Spark Racing Technologies have announced they will continue to supply the cars for Formula E for the 2018/19 season. Not only have they announced this, they have also released the first images of the next generation Formula E machinery!

This next generation car features a more powerful battery, increasing the need for exceptional focus on weight saving, due to this being heavier than the existing unit.

One of the other key requirements of this design is the focus on improving the safety of the vehicle. This is apparent in the newly designed ‘Red Bull-style’ windscreen, protecting drivers from flying debris from the ground while in operation.

With input from the FIA, this initial design is set to be further refined before its launch nearer to the end of the current season. It is expected that the final product will look considerably different to these renders, with more details about the design being issued to teams during The Buenos Aires ePrix this weekend.

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