Team Updates

Team Building

Team Updates

After a very busy and productive year, we decided it was time to gather the troops for a spot of team building, celebrating and planning for 2017 and beyond.

In one of two days out, we headed to the March Hare in Guildford for a bite to eat and then on to a quaint riverside pub for drinks. As well as taking some time out to relax and socialise, we were able to reflect on past projects and discuss our plans for the future of Prodigio and upcoming briefs.

In our second team building outing, myself, Mark and Claude took a trip down to sunny Croyde in Devon and brought our other halves with us (so that they can’t complain that they never see us)! In our management meeting we were able to make the most of the peaceful surroundings and relaxed atmosphere and plan ahead for 2017.

Team building is so important to all of us at Prodigio and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to bond and get to know one another a little better, outside of work. It’s days like these that really help us to drive the business forward.