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5 Tips for Nurturing Post Exhibition Leads

Industry Thinking

Design, check. Event schedule, check. Follow up plan…

Recent research has discovered an estimated 80% of leads and potential consumers aren’t followed up proceeding exhibitions, yet they are key for providing that vital return on both your invested time and money. The longer exhibiting brands take to resume their all-ready created dialogue with clients the harder it’ll be to transform these collected contacts into happy customers, therefore we’ve created five top tips for you to avoid falling into the common trap.

  1. Draft responses

Following an exhibition the time taken to respond to potential consumers will determine the success of the exhibition. Creating a follow up thank you email layout to send within the following three days will enable you to withhold the attention of your collected leads whilst saving valuable time

  1. Identifying potential clients

Leads are determined by withholding a genuine interest within your company’s product as well as plans to make a purchase within the next six months. Steps taken to distinguish between inquiries and leads can be taken during information capturing. This step can be as simple as adding a field for whether or not they wish to be contacted or ensuring the added documentation of conversation notes.

  1. Personal salespersons

People make connections with people not companies. Ensuring salespeople individually follow up any people they met at the event will give the brand a personal touch and increase lead engagement.

  1. Nurturing the future

Ranking the remaining contacts depending on their immediate need and budget availability for your services will enhance the long-term exhibition success. Only 5 to 15% of all inquiries will be ready to make an immediate purchase of your product but the remaining contacts shouldn’t be disregarded! Nurturing those who aren’t able to strike a deal there and then will create brand awareness, transforming them into the ideal lead once the time is right due.

  1. Event related content

Don’t forget those who aren’t ready to part with money are still interested in your brand! The exhibition is what allowed you to connect and gained their interest, therefore sharing blogs and content regarding the event will sustain their interest without summoning yourself to the dreaded junk folder for unnecessary hard selling.

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