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6 Time Saving Tips for Exhibitors

Industry Thinking

As an exhibitor it’s important to save time where possible to ensure you get the most out of every event you exhibit at. We’ve put together some top tips for saving time where possible to run an effective and efficient exhibition stand.

  1. Scan Badges. Trade Show News Networks recommend scanning badges with lead retrieval technology rather than taking the time to write down contact information or trade business cards.
  1. Promotions. Planning promotional deals that work across multiple shows is a great way to save time and costs as you can use your promotional materials more than once. You can also initiate pre-show promotions to gain momentum before the event day.
  1. Effective Show Selection. By researching thoroughly which events to attend within the year, you can ensure that you attend the most relevant events for your target audience. A great way to do this is to contact your clients and see what events they will be attending, and considering these in your selection.
  1. Create a Buzz. Creating a buzz on social media prior to the event will make it easier to get visitors to your stand on the day of the event. This will gain interest before anyone has even seen your stand.
  1. Qualify Leads. Ensure that you qualify leads at your stand, so you don’t have to take the time to do so after your event (only ever send the sales ready leads to sales).
  1. Staff Training. Ensure that all staff on your stand are fully briefed prior to the event so that the entire workforce knows what they’re doing at all times. This will also ensure that staff have an excellent knowledge, lowering the likelihood of staff having to ask questions or seek answers.

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