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Take Position – Five Tips to Securing the Top Stand Location

Industry Thinking

Exhibition halls – a sea of miniature skyscrapers, otherwise known as exhibition stands. Getting noticed in the vast commercial jungle of industry competitors can seem impossible sometimes and though stand design is a necessity for success, it is also extremely important to consider a forgotten key factor in the lead up to the big day… your stand’s location. From floor plans to industry neighbours, we’ll take you through a list of vital details to consider to ensure you get the most from exhibition day.

1) The Blue Print
Ask the exhibition organisers for a copy of the previous years’ floor plan, this will be your guide to the day. From this you’ll be able to identify the layout, refreshment stands and where your industry competitors are located. Identifying these key elements will help you achieve high visibility.

2) Take Position
At any exhibition you have three types of stand locations- the sides, the corners or an island. At exhibitions most stand locations are available at the sides, these carry both advantages and disadvantages. Choosing a side location for your stand can make stand design an investment, as they will become reusable for later exhibitions, but your view will be blocked by other stands. Corner and island spaces prove to be very effective at delivering footfall though you will need to establish the main entry point in order to greet potential leads.

3) Spread Out
If your brand offers multiple services or has several departments this is an opportunity for you to have multiple stands around the exhibition hall. Remember, it takes 6 exposures to create brand awareness!

4) Footfall Trends
Knowing where the café’s, escalators and entrances are can help you identify where the highest levels of activity will be so you can strategically pick a location you know will get visitors. Be careful! Remember your brand values, objectives, and why you’re at the event. Conducting on-stand meetings won’t give clients the right impression if you have to shout to be heard over the queue for coffee.

5) Industry Competitors
Being positioned near to your industry competitors can have a negative effect on your stand’s footfall, as grouping will overwhelm visitors and also allow them to directly compare. Get to know a stand of a different industry close to yours, to allow you both to refer visitors each other.

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